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Large numbers of 0-6-0 switch engines were built in the United States and Canada. In fact, the very last steam locomotives constructed for a U.S. railroad were 0-6-0 switchers from the Norfolk & Western factory in 1953. This engine type is characterized by smaller driving wheels and a small firebox since switch engines spent more time waiting than moving. Switchers almost always had forward and rear sand boxes.

Using the same components as the 0-4-0, the larger 0-6-0 has the largest drawbar pull of any of our 6-driver locomotives. As with all our 1 1/2 inch scale engines, the 0-6-0 is offered in either 7 1/4 inch or 7 1/2 inch track gauge. Many of the components can be used in free-lance locomotives such as 10-Wheelers and Prairie locomotives with the Walschaert valve gear and piston valves having direct application to many prototype locomotives. You can purchase the optional lead truck section and build it into a nice modern mogul.


Length (Engine & Tender)



Track Gauge

Bore & Stroke

Wheel Diameter



Minimum Turning Radius

93 inches

23 1/2 inches

400 pounds

7 1/4 or 7 1/2 inches

2 3/8 x 3 inches

7 inches

Coal, Oil, or LPG

8 5/8 inches diameter steel

25 feet

Recommended machinery for building from rough parts:

  • 9 inch swing lathe

  • medium milling machine

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