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Terms & Conditions

This page exists for one reason and one reason only; to protect my businesses and my family from those who would engage in transactions without integrity.

If you buy something from me, I will get it to you as quickly as I can while maintaining both quality and my personal sanity.  

Don't kill this hobby by being a jerk.

“Woe to him who builds his house without righteousness
And his upper rooms without justice,
Who uses his neighbor’s services without pay
And does not give him his wages.

Jeremiah 22:13

Purchaser and Banning Locomotive Works, LLC (BLW) or Little Engines of Washington, LLC (LE) have entered into a verbal agreement for the purchase of goods and/or services.  Purchaser acknowledges that those goods and/or services may include, but are not limited to, charges for labor, materials, castings, parts, and shipping.  Purchaser guarantees payment to BLW/LE for the agreed upon goods/services.  BLW/LE guarantees fulfillment of those goods/services paid for by Purchaser.

Although BLW/LE will work diligently to meet any requests identified by purchaser, including but not limited to deadline for fulfillment, Purchaser acknowledges that all agreed upon timelines for production may fluctuate and BLW/LE is not liable for any delays.  Any guarantees entered into verbally or in writing are waived.

All custom-built parts/accessory sales are final and non-refundable.


Returns of stock inventory are at the discretion of BLW/LE.  Approved returns will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.  No refunds will be issued on goods where damage, wear, defect, or use is detected.


Any refund will be remitted within 60 days of receiving and accepting the approved returned inventory.

Failure to pay Invoices within 60 days of the DUE DATE may result in the respective goods/services being forfeited and BLW/LE, at its sole discretion, may sell the goods/services to another purchaser (e.g. failure to pay shipping costs will result in forfeiture of the goods being shipped).  Purchaser waives all rights to goods/services not paid within 60 days of Invoice.

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