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The Mogul followed the 4-4-0 American to fill the need for more power and, like its full size counterpart, our Mogul is very powerful for its size and weight.  We have pulled 25 adults up 3% grades.

The rail system in the U.S. was originally designed with curves that suited the short wheel base American.  The larger Mogul needed larger radius curves, so the flange was removed from the center drive wheels.  Our model also has "blind" center drivers.  Such attention to detail is typical of this fine locomotive.

The cast cab and running boards have detail that looks like wood when painted, yet has the strength of a casting.  We also offer wooden cab and running boards.  The fully functional crosshead feed water pumps are accurate in detail and operate well.  The domes are beautifully machined bronze and brass and the stack and tender tank are fabricated from sheet metal.  The Mogul is truly a beautiful scale model.


Length (Engine & Tender)


Weight (Engine Only)

Track Gauge

Bore & Stroke

Drive Wheel Diameter



Minimum Turning Radius

83 inches

22 1/2 inches

225 pounds

7 1/4 or 7 1/2 inches

2 x 3 inches

7 inches


6 5/8 inch diameter

20 feet

Recommended machinery for building from rough parts:

  • 9 inch swing lathe

  • milling machine (small) or lathe milling attachment

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