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The locomotive 4-2-4, later named the C.P. Huntington, was purchased by the Army in 1863 from the Danforth Cooke Co. of Paterson, N.J.  This was during the Civil War years, so we can assume it was to help the war effort in California.  The engine was partly dismantled and shipped around the Horn on the Sailing Ship the "Success," transferred to a river schooner, then unloaded and assembled on the levee.  It went into service early in 1864 for the Central Pacific R.R.  It worked in and around Sacramento for a good many years, and is now a museum piece that can be seen at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento, California.

We used a box car on the C.P. Huntington for coal and water supply.  A good size water tank may be placed in the box car.  This also works out very well as a good riding car for the engineer.  Hand pump is placed right in the front portion of the car for easy firing.  The car is made entirely of Oak and is offered under our Wood Shop link.




Weight (Engine Only)

Track Gauge

Bore & Stroke

Drive Wheel Diameter



Minimum Turning Radius

43 3/4 inches

10 1/2 inches

130 pounds

7 1/2 inches

1 3/8 x 2 inches

6 3/4 inches


5 9/16 inch diameter

15 feet


Catalog Information

Recommended machinery for building from rough parts:

  • 9 inch swing lathe

  • milling machine (small) or lathe milling attachment

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