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Kits & Custom Design

LITTLE ENGINES, LLC offers thirteen models on 1 ½ inches to the foot, any of which will pull from four to sixty adults.  Rolling stock in this scale is generally operated on either 7 ¼ or 7 ½ inch gauge track.  We are often asked why we do not offer engines that are exact replicas of ones that ran on a particular railroad.  Understandable, the engine that ran in a certain area might be the one you would like to build.  Literally thousands and thousands of man-hours in engineering and drafting time is required to create the design for each steam locomotive. The simple fact is that the cost of this time would have to be passed on to our customers, and we prefer to keep the costs associated with the hobby within reasonable standards.  


While we do not offer every wheel configuration possible, what we do offer is a “family” of engines,  that enable any builder to customize the running gear to suit virtually any engine ever built.  We urge customers to be creative and to ask questions. Many of our engines are unique just as would be a smaller model train or any other kind of model.  Our staff has many years of experience in live steam, both as a hobby and as a business, and has encountered just about every question that might arise.  Numerous LITTLE ENGINES, LLC customers have created entirely new engines from our parts over the years, so if you have a specific engine in mind, there is a good chance that our casings can be combined and/or modified to create your favorite engine. 


If your heart is truly set on a particular locomotive that is not within the LITTLE ENGINES, LLC collection, reach out to us here at BANNING LOCOMOTIVE WORKS, LLC - as a fully functioning machine shop that specializes in custom builds, we can get you an estimate on costs associated with bringing your dreams to life!

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