little engines

1-1/2” Scale 2-6-0 Baldwin Mogul

Attention all Little Engines American, Baldwin Mogul and Crab owners.

After much thought I have decided to sell off the Patterns, Parts, Drawings and rights to these 3 locomotives. In my efforts to keep growing it was time for some changes and rather than just discontinue them I sold them to a new supplier to keep them available. Jesse Banning of Banning locomotive Works, LLC, Las Vegas, NV is the new owner of them.

Jesse was here last week and we crated everything up and shipped it to his shop. He is set up and is getting needed castings made. I hope everyone give Jesse the same support they gave to me with their needs for parts.

This will allow me to continue to expand some areas of LE and continue to re-tool parts that need new patterns and develop new items better suited to my course.

Jesse can be reached at, and at Facebook at

Thanks to all the support of my customers Little Engines today is once again a strong solid company offering 100's of different parts and accessories to the Live Steam and Outdoor Railroad hobby and will continue to bring old things back and new items to offer.