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1-1/2” Scale 4-4-2 Atlantic

The first 4-4-2 built in 1896 for the Atlantic City Railroad gave the wheel arrangement its name. The two-wheel trailing truck supported a larger firebox, resulting in a passenger locomotive that was powerful, fast and very popular on most railroads. Having a short turning radius and large diameter drive wheels made it the ideal short line passenger locomotive. It was an engine of this type which in1905 was credited with a maximum speed of 127.1 MPH.

Our Atlantic, a very popular model with ten inch drive wheels and able to negotiate a 35 foot radius curve, is a takeoff of the Southern Pacific 3000 Series A6. The 4-4-2 Atlantic is one of America’s most beautiful steam locomotives. The steaming capacity and the resultant pulling power of this locomotive are truly satisfying. The basic design of our Atlantic is typical of a great many locomotives used on several railroads, and with variations in superstructure, a number of prototype engines can be faithfully reproduced.

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Length (Engine & Tender) 108 inches
Height 24 inches
Weight (Engine Only) 550 pounds
Track Gauge 7-1/4 or 7 1/2 inches
Bore & Stroke 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches
Drive Wheel Diameter 10 inches
Fuel Coal, Oil, or LPG
Boiler 9 or 10 inch diameter
Minimum Turning Radius 35 feet